Lesson 2: Noah’s Ark

Noah’s ark is available in many different story forms for children. If you have a version, read it together, or borrow one from the library. You can also watch this version based on the Lucy Cousin’s book:



1) Role Play: Have your child role play the story using things you have at home. Noah and his family can be dolls, action figures, or cut out from paper. The ark can be a shoebox, a laundry basket, or a couch. The animals can be plastic, or stuffed animals, or paper cut outs.

Try helping your child by telling them the parts of the story in order so they can be acted out. You can play a part as well.

2) Learn the song “Who Built the Ark” and sing it together.


3) This craft uses construction paper for the background, a pencil, fruit loops, glue, and cotton balls.

Draw a rainbow on the paper (seven colours) with the pencil, and some clouds at the ends of the rainbow.

Place the fruit loops in a bowl. Place a line of glue through each stripe, or if you think your child will work slowly, one stripe at a time.

Add colour to each stripe by attaching the frit loops to the glue. Traditionally the top colour of the rainbow would be red, but your student might have other ideas.

When the rainbow is fully coloured in with fruit loops, add some cotton balls to make clouds at the end of the rainbow.

Let it lay flat until it dries.