Lesson 2: Noah’s Ark

Listen to the story of Noah and the ark in the video (https://youtu.be/0K4Ra5bRrEE). Have your child read the story from the Bible, or read it with your child – start at Genesis chapter 6, verse 6, and finish at chapter 9 verse 17.


1) Imagine you are Noah, and you are writing a journal. You have just received directions from God about building the ark. Write down what Noah might have written in his journal. Perhaps he might describe what God has told him to do, and what he thinks about it.  Or, if you like, you could write a journal entry from Noah’s time in the ark with all the animals. How is he finding being the caretaker of so many?

2) Imagine you are a reporter who has been sent out to see this crazy guy, Noah, who is building a ship in the middle of the desert.  Make up a headline and write a few paragraphs of the article. You could include some comments from Noah himself.

3) Look at these paintings of the story of the ark. Compare them – how are they similar? How are they different? Which part of the story was the artist interested in? Which do you like best? Tell your parent about what you think, or write it down.




4) Look in the Bible story for the name of the place that the ark came to rest when the waters began to subside. Then find it on a map. You can you a map or atlas that you have at home, or you can use Google Maps or Google Earth.  If you use the latter, see how close you can get and look at the landscape around the area.