Lesson 2: Noah’s Ark

Have the children listen to Tracy telling the story of Noah and the Ark (https://youtu.be/0K4Ra5bRrEE) If you have a picture book of the story, or can get one at the library, you might read it or look at the pictures.

Here is a short film version of the story:



1) Tell the story! Invite your child to tell you the story of Noah and the ark. You can use stuffed animals, plastic animals, or paper cut-outs. You can find a cut out boat and animals here:


Encourage the children to include lots of detail and all the elements of the story they can remember.

2) Make a rainbow! There are many ways you can complete this project.  If you have paint and brushes, you can make the rainbow as large as the biggest piece of paper you have, which can be a lot of fun for children. You can also use regular paper and crayons, coloured pencils, or markers, or use plasticine and a cardboard background.

Draw a rainbow (there will be seven colours) on the paper. It should take up most of the area of the paper. Underneath or above write “God Keeps His Promises” or have your students write it. You can write it on a separate piece of paper or a whiteboard so it can be copied.  You could also do this project with glass paint on a window, or fun bathtub pain in the bath.

Have your child colour in the rainbow. You can add embellishments if you like – sparkles would be a great addition.

3) Look at this painting based on the story of Noah and the ark:


Ask your child to describe what they see in the painting. What kinds of animals do they see? Does that ship look like a nice place to live with so many animals? Have they ever seen a ship like that before? Does the weather look like it will be nice?

What do they imagine it would be like on the ark with all those animals?