Lesson 1: Adam and Eve

Video: Adam and Eve

Link: Mother Stories from the Old Testimate

Lesson One Activities

Make a collage

Materials: paper of cardboard, paint, old magazines or pictures, scissors, glue

Use a piece of coloured or white paper as a background, or even a piece of cardboard. 

Divide the cardboard in two across and then colour the top half blue, and the bottom half green. You can do this with paint or coloured paper.

Using some old magazines, cut out photographs of things which God made and placed in the garden too – try including animals, plants, stars, an apple tree, a snake, or anything else you can remember from the story.

Make a paper chain snake

Materials: construction paper, scissors, glue, a marker.

Use construction paper is several colours that look nice together, and cut the paper into 1 to 1.5 inch strips lengthwise.  Depending on the width of the strips you might need two or three sheets of paper.

Glue one strip to make a circle.  Using a contrasting colour, interlock another strip to the first and glue it into a circle. Continue to make the chain as long as you like.

Pick one end of your chain to be the head. Cut a forked tongue and eyes out of another sheet ofconstruction paper, and glue them to the end that you want to be the head of the snake.


Materials: a clay that hardens in the air, which you can buy at the dollar store.

Create a man and woman out of your modeling medium, and allow them to dry. You can paint them if you like once they are dry, and make some clothes for them.

Drawing – God made Me

Materials: paper, markers, crayon, or coloured pencils

On a piece of paper, write the child’s name at the top, or have thechild write it. Along the bottom, write God Made Me.

In the middle have the child trace their hand. Then decorate it – it can be realistic or very fancy.