May 29, 2016

Trinity 1 Sermon 2016

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Passage: Matthes 18:3
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“To be childlike…”, wrote the great German romantic poet Novalis, “To be childlike: that is best of all.” Novalis wrote these words shortly before his death of tuberculosis in 1801, just shy of thirty years old. By contemporary standards, he was almost a child himself. The sentiment expresses a commonly held assumption at least in the literature of the 19th Century. The British poet William Wordsworth observed famously, for example, that “the Child is father to the Man.” The heroes in the great Russian novels of Fyodor Dostoevsky are almost all of them child-like, if not childish. To be childlike: that is best of all.

Child-likeness, of course, is essential to the Christian life.  Indeed, Jesus tells us plainly that we must become like children in order to enter his Kingdom. And so strikingly, I think, just last Sunday, Trinity Season began with the exhortation that we be born again by water and the Holy Spirit – that is, born from above and made children of the Kingdom. The next six months – this long season of Sundays – is dedicated to our growth in holiness as children of the Father.  To be childlike: that is best of all. ...

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