June 5, 2016

Trinity 2 Sermon 2016

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Passage: Luke 14:15
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In a small Jewish school in New York City featured in a documentary made some years ago, children are introduced to the Hebrew alphabet at a very young age. The toddlers are brought to the school where the teacher points to the alphabet arranged on a placemat and invites the child to repeat after him as the Hebrew letters are named one after another. The point of the early recitation of the Hebrew alphabet is to allow the children to begin developing the skills that will eventually enable them to read the Torah, the Word of God. Interestingly, by each letter the teacher places a jellybean. In the documentary he explains why. The small candy teaches the child that Torah (the Scripture, specifically the first five books of the Bible) is sweet. The Word is sweet. It is a simple and homely way of illustrating what the Scriptures themselves suggest. In Psalm 119, for example, we read: “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” In the Christian tradition the suggestion that the Word is sweet is extended and applied to Jesus, the eternal Word to whom the words of Scripture bear witness. And so we sing, for example, in a well-known hymn, “Jesu, the very thought of thee with sweetness fills the breast; but sweeter far thy face to see, and in thy presence rest”. The Word is sweet. Jesus is sweet. ...

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