September 28, 2014

Trinity 15 2014

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Passage: Matthew 6:24
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I would like to begin our reflections this morning with the words of the great French Catholic novelist and apologist Leon Bloy: “Creation,” he writes, “seems to be a flower of infinite Poverty; and the ultimate masterpiece of Him who is called the Almighty was to have Himself crucified like a thief...” With these words, Leon Bloy suggested at the end of the 19th C that the acts of creation and redemption are expressions, in time, of a ‘Poverty’ that belongs to God from all eternity. It is a strange way to speak of God. But for Bloy, a Divine and Sacred Poverty belongs essentially to the life of God, for His is a Life in which the Father voluntarily surrenders all that is His own to the Son, in and though the love that is the Holy Ghost; and the Son voluntarily returns all to the Father...

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