September 7, 2014

Trinity 12 2014

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Passage: Mark 7:24
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For two decades now I have been compelled by the first line of a poem by the famous 20th century poet, TS Eliot. He begins his late work, the poem East Coker, with these words – “In my beginning is my end.” To be human is to experience over and over again endings and beginnings. When we think of beginnings we often think of birth, or perhaps of baptism; we think of wedding days, or of new ministries; a trip begins; treatment for an illness must have a beginning. There are many beginnings in our lives. And for the most part when we use the words “end” or “ending” in day-to-day life we mean the termination of something, the arrest of a process that was once under way. The story has ended, we say; the movie comes to an end; our time together is ending….

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