October 18, 2015

St Luke’s Day sermon 2015

Passage: Luke 24:46-47
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Some 15 years ago or more, a close friend of mine for a time cared for a small Anglican parish on the west flat in Prince Albert, SK. Holy Trinity is located in a poor part of town, and largely serves the indigenous community that has grown up around the tiny church. As part of his pastoral duties, my friend would regularly visit members of the parish in nearby care homes, and he tells the story of one elder in particular. She suffered, if I remember correctly, from an advanced stage of diabetes. She had largely lost her sight and at least one limb to the disease, and so was confined to a wheelchair. And yet miraculously she was the centre around which this particular care home turned: she rallied the other residents for special events, she was the person of prayer and counsel to whom people would resort in times of need, she was – for all her apparent disabilities – light in a community that quite literally lived in the shadow of death. When my friend asked her what gave her such energy and joy she responded to him: It is because I have been healed...

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