May 10, 2015

Rogation Sunday 2015

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Passage: Song of Solomon 2:10-12
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I would like to begin our reflections this morning by describing what may be the first appearance of our resurrected Lord recorded in the Gospels. It will be well known to many of us: It is early in the morning on the first day of the week and Mary Magdalene has come to Christ's tomb. When she arrives, she discovers that the stone which had sealed in the body of Christ has been rolled away and the body of her Lord is missing. Frantic, she assumes that the body has been stolen. In her search for some sign of where the body has been laid she encounters a gardener. Why are you weeping? asks the gardener. Where have they lain the body of my master? she asks. And to her question, the gardener responds, simply, by saying her name: Mary. And in that moment she recognizes that the man she mistook for the keeper of the garden is her Lord. Master, she replies. In this encounter, brief and poignant, Mary is as it were raised up because she has discovered that the one she loves has been raised up. He lives, so she lives. He only speaks her name, and yet in the speaking there is the power of resurrection. ...

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