March 13, 2016

Passion Sunday Sermon 2016

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Passage: Matthew 20:27
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Bishop Anthony Bloom tells the story of a young Russian woman and her children whose small town was caught up in the convulsions of the Russian revolution in the early 20th century. The mother’s town, formerly occupied by the remnants of the Imperial army of which her husband was a member, was taken over by Red revolutionary soldiers, sending Imperial sympathizers into hiding. The mother had taken up residence in an abandoned house and was waiting for an opportunity to escape with her family when one night a woman appeared at the door, warning her that she must flee because her hiding place had been discovered. The Red army were purging the community of anyone with connections to the Imperial cause and intended just that night to come to the house and murder her. “How can I escape?”, asked the mother, knowing I suspect that she would be hunted down if not found in the house. To that the young woman at the door replied: “You can, because I will stay and call myself by your name when they come to fetch you.” “But you will be shot,” said the mother. “Yes, but I have no children.” And so the family fled, and the woman was put to death in their stead. ...

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