February 14, 2016

Lent 1 Sermon 2016

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Passage: Matthew 27:42
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Bible Text: Matthew 27:42 | Preacher: Fr Christopher Snook | Series: Lent, Rector

The brilliant French philosopher Simone Weil died in 1943. She was just thirty-four years old when the combined effects of tuberculosis and an extraordinarily ascetic diet ended her life. When she was five years old the First World War had begun. She marked the outbreak of hostilities by giving up sugar in solidarity with soldiers on the front lines. This was the beginning of a habit that would see her regularly limiting her material life – what she ate, or wore; where she lived and worked – in solidarity with the poor. Initially a teacher, Simone left the academy to work in a car factory. Injured and exhausted by the work, she traveled with family to convalesce. It was at that time, in 1936, while watching a procession in a small fishing village in Portugal, that she experienced the beginnings of her conversion. A year later she visited Assisi, and in a small chapel often frequented by St Francis himself, she found herself compelled to her knees for the first time in her life…

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