October 11, 2015

Harvest Thanksgiving 2015

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Passage: Matthew 6:11
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n my childhood, the slogan “you are what you eat” was ubiquitous. It was employed in commercials and in school nutrition classes to turn the longings of my young heart to carrot sticks and apple slices rather than hot dogs and ice cream. Helped along by the Canada Food Guide, the lessons suggested that I ought to be the lean chicken, the bowl full of beans, the garden salad and the sweet potato. Choose these things, we were taught, because it is better than being the licorice stick, the Kit Kat chocolate bar, or the penny candy. You are what you eat. It is not such an unreasonable piece of homely advice on Thanksgiving weekend, when there is a very real threat that many of us may become pumpkin pies, turkey stuffing, and (at least at Larry and Maxine Miles’ home) something called “lumberjack” potatoes. (I could feel my arteries hardening as those were described to me earlier this week…)

Whatever the usefulness of this message for teaching healthy eating habits, or its significance for our holiday meals this Thanksgiving weekend, the slogan “You are what you eat” is, in its own homely way, a theme in the Scriptures...

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