March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday Sermon 2016

Passage: John 20:1
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It matters immensely that Mary Magdalene comes to the tomb in this morning’s Gospel while it is still dark.

From the very beginning of the Bible, darkness is suggestive of spiritual truths. And so for example in the book of Genesis we read that it was in the cool of the evening, as the sun went down and the dark approached, that Adam and Eve hid themselves in the dark shadows cast by the trees in the Garden of Eden. The Scriptures tell us that, having turned away from God and indeed, each other, they retreated into a world of shadows, darkness and exile. In the poetic and theological language of the Scriptures, that darkness and those shadows at the edge of Paradise are the same shadows manifest time after time in the history of cultures and of nations, of families and even friendships. They were manifest aggressively in Brussels just this past week; they are present in the heartbreaking rash of recent suicides in Pimicikamak First Nation; the shadows are long and dark in the lives of many, perhaps even some us....

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