April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday 2015

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When did you first know death?
I was seven years old and my grandfather had passed away. It was my first intimate experience of loss and I can remember very clearly standing by the side of the grave at the end of his funeral and looking down into the pit where his casket and body now lay. It would be an over-statement to say that I understood much of what was happening that day, but I did sense the finality of this moment; and I learned for the first time the meaning and the purpose of that grave and every grave ever dug in the history of the world – graves are dug so that we can ‘fill them in’ with the bodies of our friends and families. First the body is put into the casket, then both into the grave, and finally earth is poured to cover them. My experience as a child was not unique. You all know that graves are for bodies, and I imagine that you all know well the feeling of finality that comes when a loved one has been laid to rest: they are gone and we are not …

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