May 3, 2015

Easter 4 2015

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Passage: John 16:13
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One of the most common features of our worship the Collects that we pray. Ordered for each Sunday of the year, the Collects or seasonal prayers for each Sunday and commemoration are intended to do at least two things: on the one hand, the weekly Collect quite literally “collects” and gathers us, each of whom have come to pray this morning with a week of hopes and concerns behind us. The Collect takes our diverse experiences and aspirations and gathers us into a single movement of prayer, a single, united petition. On the other hand, the weekly Collects also collect or gather up the primary themes of each Sunday’s lessons. Some of the Sunday Collects were composed or revised 500 years ago but most are almost 1500 years old, coming to us from the sixth century. They form for us a kind of chain or link of spiritual continuity with the earliest generations of Christians….

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