April 26, 2015

Easter 3 2015

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Passage: 1 Peter 2:11-17; John 16:16-22
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When I was a child I was notoriously absent-minded. Winters were disastrous for me – scarves and mittens, hats and gloves, would go missing almost as soon as I procured them, only to turn up again (maybe!) when and where they were least expected. As I have grown older this habit of childhood continues – misplaced keys, wallets, papers abound in my life. Things are lost and they are found; things depart and return.

I begin with this confession because I would like to suggest that our Lord’s life is characterized by this rhythm of departure and return; the pattern of the lost being found, of withdrawal followed by intense presence. These themes inform the life and ministry of Jesus from beginning to end. So, for example, he departs from the Holy Land into Egypt after his birth only to return and grow up in Nazareth; he withdraws from the disciples to pray in solitude and then returns to teach; he departs from the crowds to be with his intimate friends and then returns to work miracles. He comes and he goes. ...

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