March 13, 2016

Covetousness (ES Meditation), Mar 13 2016

Covetousness, avarice – wanting things that belong to others, or things which do not rightfully belong to us; an inordinate desire for worldly things. This sin is focused on the material world rather than the spiritual. It has been spoken about at some length by modern theologians and popular Christian writers who often characterize it as being a particular sin of our age. Chesterton calls avarice an “evil poetry of worldliness.” Dorothy Sayers tells us that it is one of the “cold sins” but that in modern times it has been given a veneer of heroic romanticism, and that it is the sinful corollary of the proper recognition of the good of material creation.

Often when we hear about covetousness in Scripture, theological works, or sermons, we find that it is paired with idolatry - the person who is suffering from covetousness makes an idol out of things, seeing them as an end in themselves.

When I was considering what to say about covetousness, I found myself thinking of one of my childrens' favorite poems, Hungry Mungry...


Reading of Hungry Mungry on YouTube

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