October 18, 2015

Choral Evensong: Feast of St Luke 2015

Over the last number of weeks my wife has been updating me from time to time about some friends of hers from out West, from her University days, friends whom I have never met.

My wife made friends with the Jamie in her second year of University, during the course of their friendship Jamie met her future husband at their church, eventually getting married, and having three children.

Sean, a pastor, has a website where he has, for the last year, been posting things like sermon templates and other resources for their church in British Columbia, as well as updating friends and family on what’s happening in their lives.

On July 26th of this year he posted the first in an ongoing series of posts on his blog. This is how that first post starts:

Title: I have cancer.
Never did I think I would utter those three words. Even as I write this I cannot help but think this is all a dream. I can’t have cancer. I am a healthy, 39 year old male. This page is to capture the journey my family and I are about to embark upon. ...

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