December 14, 2014

Advent 3 2014

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Passage: Mathew 11:3
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Bible Text: Mathew 11:3 | Preacher: Fr Christopher Snook | Series: Advent, Rector

Sixty years ago, at the end of the Second World War as Europe was struggling to find its feet again after the darkest and most violent years of its history, a Presbyterian minister made his way to St Peter’s square in Rome for Christmas Eve mass. Thousands of people filled the Cathedral of St Peter and the minister recounts that as they waited for the mass to begin, first one group of pilgrims and then another would sing carols spontaneously in their own language. What the minister remembers best is the moment the pope appeared and a hush descended on the crowd. Seated on a throne carried on the shoulders of the Swiss guard, Pope Pius XII – gaunt and thin – entered the Church wearing simple white robes and a white skullcap. What struck the pastor most that night was Pope Pius’ appearance: rather than content and festive on Christmas Eve, the Pope looked grey and haggard, as if he had been waiting for something or someone for a long time. And rather than sitting straight up on his throne, he sat far forward staring into the crowd as if he were searching for somebody in particular that he hoped to find in the press of people around him. As his gaze ran over the faces in the crowd, its intensity convinced the young minister that the Pope was indeed looking for someone. His gaze seemed to ask as it landed on each person, “Are you the one? Are you the one?”…

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