November 29, 2015

Advent 1 Sermon 2015

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Passage: Romans 13:8
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In 1944, as the end of the Second World War drew near, an assassination attempt on Hitler’s life prompted a crack-down on dissident voices. Among the many arrested was the German Jesuit priest named Alfred Delp. He had been involved in discussions about the shape of a post-war, post-Nazi, Germany and he was arrested along with others from the group and charged with treason. An academic by training and orientation, he had been put in charge of the parish of St George in Munich in the 1940s, before his eventual arrest, torture, and execution. While in prison he wrote a series of letters and reflections on scraps of paper smuggled into and out of his cell, including his now famous meditations for Advent. In them, he describes the condition of a holy Advent: “The deepest meaning of Advent cannot be understood by anyone who has not first experienced being terrified unto death about himself and his human prospects and likewise what is revealed within himself about the situation and constitution of mankind in general.” ...

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