July 10, 2016

Trinity 7 Sermon 2016

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Passage: Mark 8:1-2
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The meaning of the lessons appointed for the Seventh Sunday after Trinity is in some sense clear. In the Epistle lesson we have heard a continuation of last Sunday’s lesson from Paul’s letter to the Romans. Having been reminded last Sunday that by Baptism we are both buried with Christ in his death and raised to newness of life, so in this morning’s Epistle we are reminded to walk in the new life – that life described by Jesus last week as love for enemies, turning the other cheek, blessing those by whom we are persecuted. The Gospel lesson today reminds us that this new life requires spiritual nourishment – the heavenly life of love, you might say, requires a heavenly food to nourish it in us. The miracle of the feeding of the multitudes in the wilderness specifically reminds us that Jesus is that food. Bread and fish are taken, blessed, broken and given in the Gospel just as Jesus will be broken, as it were, upon the Cross and given for the life of world. That giving of Himself is remembered and re-presented in every Holy Communion – the bread broken, the cup poured out. The new life of the Spirit is by spiritual food. All of this, I think, is at least part of the plain meaning of the pairing of the lessons today. ...

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