November 15, 2015

Trinity 24 Sermon 2015

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Passage: Numbers 15:38
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Abba Moses was a fourth century monk who lived in the deserts of Egypt. Roughly speaking a second generation desert monk, he was one of the thousands of men and women who left the villages and cities of the ancient Near East to devote themselves to Gospel simplicity. Ethiopian by birth, Abba Moses was a slave in his early years, eventually sent into exile after committing murder. Taking up with a band of robbers, he soon became their leader and gave himself over to a life of theft and violence. Accounts of his life note that in the midst of his excess, he would often proclaim: You, O God, whom I do not know, let me know you! After years of dissolute living, he heard a voice telling him that the monks in the desert knew the true God. He girded on his sword, the story goes, and went to them immediately. Brought to Abba Macarius, one of the greatest desert saints, Moses was taught the faith and eventually baptized before devoting himself to the monastic life. Once a monk, he continued to be plagued by his previous sins, the habits of a lifetime only slowly surrendering to grace. He died at 75 years of age when bandits attacked his community. He had sent many of the brothers away, likely to Palestine, but prophesied that having lived by the sword, he would die by the sword. ...