October 25, 2015

Trinity 21 Sermon 2015

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Passage: John 4:50
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Some of you will remember well the millennial fever of the year 2000. Computer meltdowns, stock market crashes, doomsday cults… All had the sense that something untoward was going to occur as the calendar tipped into a new millennium. These dire predictions and fearful anticipations were not novel. Prognostications about the end of time abound. Sometimes they are merely humorous and cause no harm; other times they are tragic in their consequences. But though constantly proved wrong – or, at least, proved early – these fears about the end of the world do get one thing correct: we live at the end of things. This has been true for the Christian Church since the Lord’s ascension into heaven 2000 years ago. Since that time, the Church has lived waiting and watching for the return of Christ – watching in the first instance for his final return and the gathering up of all things in him; watching secondarily for the advent of our Lord day by day – his appearing in the Holy Communion, his appearing in prayer, his appearing in works of love and mercy. In this sense, we live at the end of things....

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