November 30, 2014

Advent 1 2014

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Passage: Mark 13:35-36
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Bible Text: Mark 13:35-36 | Preacher: Fr Christopher Snook | Series: Advent, Rector

There are so many images that are in my mind and in my heart for the past week. There is the image of St. Mary’s Whitney Pier burning; there is the image of the bells tolling Thursday afternoon, counting out the years of Fr Wilfred Wagner’s life; there are those news images that have come to us all of protesters spread out on the floor of a shopping mall in Ferguson, Missouri, hoping just for a moment to stop the consumer rush of Black Friday, to turn people’s hearts and minds to questions of justice and of injustice. And there is of course now, most recently, the image of Jesus, meek and lowly, entering the Holy City, coming into the Temple and over-turning the tables. Zion is a wilderness, we have sung; and that wilderness has manifested itself around us and within us every day, in one way or another, this past week…

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