Worship at St George’s

All services of public worship at St.George’s are conducted according to the Canadian Book of Common Prayer (1962), including the use of its lectionary. The principal Sunday worship is the 10:30 am Choral Eucharist. (For detailed information about the many other services, including daily offices, see the Detailed Service Schedule.) This service begins with a hymn followed by the Introit Psalm which is sung and the Communion Service follows the order as it is laid out beginning on page 67. The children remain in church until after the creed is sung, at which point, they go to Sunday School. They return to the church at the time of communion, so that they may receive communion or a blessing.

Music is an important part of the worship life of our parish. The congregation is encouraged to take part in the singing of the psalms and hymns. Elaborate Mass Settings are sung during festal seasons and plainsong during the penitential seasons of Advent and Lent. The Advent and Lent Prose and the Victimae Paschali (Easter Sequence) are used during the appropriate seasons. Advent and Christmas/Epiphany Carol Services are important yearly events in the life of the parish.

Other services on Sunday include the 8 am said Holy Communion, 10 am said Matins,  5pm (check website for times) Evening Prayer (sung). The Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer are said daily throughout the week and there is a regular weekday Eucharist on Wednesday, also signed for the deaf.

Feast Days of the Church Year are observed (on the day designated in the Prayer Book calendar) by a celebration of the Holy Communion, choral in the case of major festivals such as Epiphany, Ascension, All Saints, etc.

Choral Holy Communion at Saint George’s typically looks and sounds like this (this recording was made on the First Sunday after Trinity, 2017. For reference, the bulletin for this service is available here):