Who are we?


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About us
Saint George’s is a parish of the Classical Anglican tradition. We use the Book of Common Prayer (1962) at all services of public worship, and we understand the Prayer Book and the Bible to encourage a way of Christian living which seeks to ‘offer ourselves, our souls, and bodies as a reasonable, holy and living sacrifice.’ The life of the parish is formed by our endeavour to be shaped by Holy Scripture and true to the spiritual integrity of the Christian Tradition.

The parish observes all the festivals and ember days of the liturgical calendar as found in the Prayer Book, including full choral worship on major Saints’ days. We maintain the traditional Eucharistic Lectionary which has guided the Church and has achieved its continual conversion to holiness for more than a millennium. Our parish enjoys a glorious musical programme under our music director Garth Macphee, that honours the ancient choral music of the church.

Community Outreach
Our parish believes in the real presence of Christ both on the altar and in the lives of the poor. We have been blessed with an extensive outreach effort in our neighbourhood (including a Soup Kitchen of more than twenty years and active community youth outreach through Saint George’s YouthNet).

St. George’s has tried to cast a wide net, so that we do not simply preach to the converted. Our parishioners are a diverse group. While some have grown up in the parish, many have chosen St. George’s as their parish and drive significant distances in order to attend our services and participate in our parish life. Our hope is that within our parish, we may, however failingly, show God’s love to one another and to the people of our neighbourhood through working together in his name.

Deaf Ministry
St.George’s provides the services of interpreters for Deaf and intervenors for Deaf/Blind parishioners each Sunday morning at the 10:30 am Choral Communion and at the regular Wednesday 10 am Holy Communion, as well as for major festivals of the Church Year.  The Deaf are well integrated into the congregation as a whole, attending fellowship and other parish events, as well as parish meetings.  St George’s has over eighty years of history of providing a worship home for the Deaf. The local Deaf Club also meets monthly in the Parish Hall.