Tuning the Soul: Reflections on Music and the Journey to God

February 2, 2015 at 1:54 pm

This year St George’s presents a lecture series in support of the St George’s Music Room fundraising, with talks at each Choral Evensong, February through May.  Once monthly in conjunction with choral evensong a guest speaker will address the mystery of music and the soul in its journey to God, beginning with an address on music and the spiritual pilgrimage by long-time friend of St George’s, Dr Wayne Hankey. The series invites us to enter more deeply into the extraordinary tradition of music animating our worship life. Please plan to attend the first opportunity for worship and learning.

Here is a preliminary schedule, though speakers for some of the events are still to be confirmed.

February 15: Music and the Soul – Dr Wayne Hankey
Proceeds from this evensong dedicated to the Music Room phase of our Deck the Hall renovation project.

March 15: Chant, Polyphony, and the Soul

April 26: J. S. Bach and the Reformed Soul

June 7: The Sound of Silence – Dr Steven Burns