Soup Kitchen

The St George’s Soup Kitchen opens its doors 4-5pm every Saturday of the year, operates out of our parish hall, 2221 Maitland St., and serves 100-160 individuals every week.  We have six teams that operate on a rota, each one taking a turn every six weeks.  On any given Saturday we aim to have 7-12 volunteers on deck to help — greeting people at the door, plating food, manning the ovens, plate-scraping and running the dishwasher, and in so many other ways!

In addition to the volunteers and leaders from St George’s, we are grateful for the support of the many local organizations and churches of various denominations that provide food and additional volunteers throughout the year.  Many of the groups have been helping keep the soup kitchen running smoothly for over a decade, and some have been with us since the very beginning, over 25 years ago! We are a member agency of Feed Nova Scotia, and are grateful for their enthusiastic support and kindness!

Schedule on the day:

  • At 3pm the volunteers arrive, and they help set up tables, butter buns, and warm up the food.
  • From 4-5 pm the clients are served
  • After the doors close then cleanup begins, usually lasting until 6pm, sometimes a little bit later.

We are always happy to have new volunteers join our teams, particularly during the summer months. Summer always becomes a difficult time for scheduling, as so many people experience major schedule changes or travel during this time.

The Hall address is 2221 Maitland St, but that door is the one the clients line up at, so it can be hard to get in there. I recommend that volunteers come to the door on the North side of the building, with a wooden staircase that goes up from the parking lot. (The door on Maitland St is an accessibility ramp, if that is better for you.)

We recommend wearing clothes that are easily washed, as you may get food on them, and be prepared to take part as needed — some examples of ways to help are: setting up tables, plating desserts, buttering rolls, serving food, scraping plates, washing dishes, and sweeping and mopping afterwards. Please be sure to check in with the leader before you go, to make sure that they are not left at the end with more than they can do alone.

If you are interested in volunteering with the St George’s Soup Kitchen, or if you have any questions about what we do, please use the contact form below: