March 22, 2015

Passion Sunday 2015

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Passage: Psalm 143:6
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It’s a great joy for me to be back here in this Round Church with all of you, to see both
so many old friends and  so many new faces. The decade I spent here was very
formative for me, and so it’s a real homecoming to be here, and especially this time of
year—Lent, I mean.

Lent, and Holy Week in particular, was always the lodestone for the calendar. The
whole Church year, of course, is the pattern by which we come to remember, know, and
love each other and God from whom we come and to whom we return. The whole
church year, Sunday by Sunday, collect by collect, psalm by psalm, feast by feast, and
fast by fast, season by season, year by year by year by year, shapes our memories such
that we are formed by this pattern, have indeed become the pattern, entering into it,
becoming it more completely, each time, in time, as time seems to slow and open of
itself the stillness of eternity, where our activity is rest, and our labours become light.

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