Saint George’s Parish is a Sponsor for Scouts Canada Youth Programs. We offer co-ed programs for 5-16 year olds through Beavers (ages 5-7), Cubs (8-10), Scouts (11-14) and Venturers (14-18). All groups meet in Saint George’s Church Hall. Most of the children involved are from the Halifax North End (the inner city community where the church is situated) and the parish. Consequently the youth participants come for a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

2nd Halifax was first chartered in 1920 and operated with Cubs and Scouts until 1962, the same time that Scotia Square was being developed, displacing many families from the downtown area. The group was reactivated in 1983. Soon the demand for a Beaver colony was evident, and Venturers has operated from time to time when there were young people of this age group interested in forming a company. Let us know if you are interested – contact information appears below.

We were one of the earlier Groups to go co-ed in Nova Scotia when opening the programs to girls was optional. Now all Scouting Canada sections are co-ed.

Our Leadership teams are comprised of parishioners who see working with the youth through the Scouting Program as part of their Christian stewardship, parents of the youth involved, and others, including medical students who have a keen interest in working with young people. All adult members are registered Leaders with Scouts Canada and as such undergo an interview process and police record check.

The Royal St George’s Society of Halifax and St George’s YouthNet are additional supporters of 2nd Halifax, providing both moral and financial support.

Second Halifax Scouting needs adult volunteers to be able to offer the full range of programmes. New leaders will be paired with experienced leaders. Contact Kim Lickers for more information.