The aisle.

Thank you for inquiring about a wedding at Saint George’s Round Church. St. George’s is blessed by your decision to be married here. The sanctification of your life together is important and joyful. You have opened your hearts to one another and are ready to give and receive commitment for life. You are made in God’s image and are learning to love faithfully and unselfishly, as He loves us. In Christian marriage, your relationship will be divinely sanctioned and your love for each other announced to the world.

The historic Round Church and the Little Dutch Church are each beautiful settings for a wedding. We will do everything we can to make the ceremony special. You, also, will want to do everything you can to prepare, not only for your wedding day, but for your life together. A marriage preparation program is a very good idea – please discuss your plans for marriage preparation with Father Nicholas Hatt

To be married in the Anglican Church, at least one of the partners must be a Christian, baptized with water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It does not matter in which Christian denomination you were baptized. If you or your partner are not baptized, but now wish to receive God’s grace and become part of God’s family, please ask. If one of you has been divorced, remarriage in the church is possible, but you will need to discuss your circumstances with the priest. If you wish to be married in the beauty of the Round Church or simplicity of the Little Dutch Church, but in a Christian service other than Anglican, that may be possible. Lutherans especially have found significance in the Little Dutch Church, the oldest place of Lutheran worship in North America.

You will have many ideas about making the ceremony just right for you – the music, decorating the church, the readings, the service itself, and whether or not to celebrate your union with Holy Communion. The priest, music director and others will be happy to work with you, within the marriage service of the Anglican Church. Having a rehearsal an evening or two before the ceremony is the usual practice.

To accommodate your guests the Round Church seats up to 600. The Little Dutch Church seats about 50 at the most; it is a unique setting for a small, intimate wedding.

Your primary contact will be Jordan Gracie, Parish Administrator. Jordan will guide you through all arrangements for your wedding including church booking and an outline of the Order of Service for use in your bulletins. Please take note that all wedding ceremonies will follow the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. Jordan can be contacted either via phone (902-423-1059) or email:

Couples who wish to be married should allow sufficient time to meet with our Rector, Fr. Nicholas Hatt, to begin planning the ceremony. Please note that until meeting with the priest and confirming with him that the ceremony will take place at St. George’s, your wedding will not be considered booked. You can meet with the priest almost any Sunday after the 8am or 10:30am service. The priest would be pleased to have you attend, so you can be aware of what an average service entails at St. George’s.

Music is to be worked out in consultation and with the guidance of our music director, Garth MacPhee. Couples should contact Garth directly regarding any special music they would like to have incorporated in the ceremony. Please note that our music director is expected to play at all weddings unless alternate arrangements have been made with his consent. We expect music used at weddings would be the same sort of music used in the Divine Worship at St George’s. Our music director may be reached by email at

Flowers and other church decorations can be discussed with Tracy Lenfesty, member of the Altar Guild. The Altar Guild will ensure the church is ready for your wedding, as well as provide some flowers for the church altar and ensure that it is especially beautiful for your day. If you have any particular colours or types of flowers in mind, you can also mention this to Elisabeth Kleven in the parish office. You may choose your own florist and have other arrangements placed around the Nave and Chancel area as you see fit (please note that the flowers on the altar will remain in the church, but any other arrangements can be taken with you after the service). Tracy may be reached via this contact form.

The wedding ceremony is an act of worship as well as a celebration of marriage. Therefore, the form of the service and how it is conducted are overseen by the priest. Except at the entry and exit of the bride and wedding party, and at the signing of the register, photographs are not permitted (you are asked to include a note in your order of service asking members of the congregation not to take photographs). We also ask that members of the congregation refrain from throwing confetti or rice. Flowers are usually the only addition or alteration to the Church decor or interior that we permit, although you can also add decorations to the ends of pews if you can affix them without damaging the pews (no tape or tacks, please). If you wish to have anything included in the ceremony which is not specified in the order of service (special readings, speakers, music) you need to ask permission from the priest.

Once you have read the initial information and spoken to Fr. Hatt, please contact Jordan in the Parish Office to confirm your wedding date, rehearsal date and times.

Wedding fees should be paid one month prior to your wedding and according to the following schedule:
$215.00 – Church rental, payable to St George’s Church
$250.00* – Organist, payable to the Garth MacPhee
$75.00 – Altar Guild (preparation of the church for the wedding), payable to St George’s Church, memo: Altar Guild
$60.00** – Sexton (cleaning and security) payable to St George’s Church, memo: Sexton
$150.00 – Clergy (Payable to the priest who conducts the wedding)
$750.00 Total

*Note: This is the base organist fee.  Additional special music (work with a soloist, for instance) could increase the amount; please discuss this with the music director.

**The Sexton is in charge of the security of the building, is present to lock and unlock the building, and will arrange furniture, etc, in the building for your event.

Congratulations & thank you for blessing our congregation with your wedding!

O God, who hast consecrated the state of Matrimony to such an excellent mystery, that in it is signified and represented the spiritual marriage an unity betwixt Christ and his Church,: Look mercifully up on these thy servants, that they may love, honour, and cherish each other, and live together in faithfulness and patience, in wisdom and true godliness. O Lord, bless them both, and grant them to inherit thy everlasting kingdom; through the merits of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.