St George’s Parish has been active in Halifax since 1756! Our present-day parishioners strive to carry on the spirit, strength, and compassion of our pioneer forefathers.

Read about St George’s History with these great resources

The Founding of the Little Dutch Church, by Dr Henry Roper (address given April 25th, 2011, PDF)

Brief History of St George’s, part 1 by Sarah Keeshan, our 2012 Summer Student (booklet, PDF)

Survey of the graves at the Little Dutch Church (with photos)

Round Church Commemorative Plaque Survey, by Eleanor Morum, our 2015 Summer Student (Microsoft Word document)

A Brief History of Saint George’s Parish, by Dr. Henry Roper (essay)

The Rector’s Report from 2000, by then-rector Fr. Gary Thorne (PDF)

Elizabeth Pacey’s books
Miracle on Brunswick Street (Nimbus Publishing, 2003)
Thy Dwellings Fair (Lancelot Press, 1982)