A crucial way you can help is by donating to our various ministries.  You can designate the recipient of your donation by writing any of the following on your offering envelope: Outreach, Altar Guild, Music, Rector’s Discretionary Fund, YouthNet, Deaf Ministry, Soup Kitchen, or Deck the Hall.
Perhaps most important of all are our general expenses, including heating and maintenance of our buildings, office & communication expenses, printing and copying costs, staff, publicity, and so many more things that make this place work!  Without our general fund we would not be able to carry out the ministries so dear to our parish.

Donations can be put on the offering plate at services, sent to the Parish Office, or made online through Canada Helps.

We also offer a Direct Debit option, if you’d like to offer a monthly pre-authorized amount. To set up Direct Debit, contact the Treasurer.

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If you wish your donation to go towards something in particular, please specify in the Message/Instructions on the form.