Deck the Hall Campaign

hall sketchDeck the Hall is an ambitious, long-term project to bring new life to the parish hall. Begun in 2012, Deck the Hall has already created a wheelchair-friendly entrance, wheelchair-accessible washrooms, a new kitchen, a new stage, beautiful grand windows in the hall and music space, and more!

Currently, Deck the Hall is focused on the creation of the Music Room, converting a large area on the ground floor of the building into a beautiful, clean, welcoming space for the creation of music.

Music in the Round

Beautiful music, liturgical and secular, has long been a tradition at Saint George’s Round Church, but for some time the music program has managed without a proper home. The choir currently gathers in a room in the parish hall building that serves many purposes including that of a busy corridor between the hall and the parish office. But we have a space for music. There is a large, high-ceilinged room under the hall. Today it is an asbestos-contaminated shell. With your help it can be converted into a fine music space.


The Space - Before!
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Building a music space

Conversion will not be easy and is expensive — $150,000. The building is dilapidated and far below today’s codes. We must remove the asbestos and the rotten wooden floor, repair the stone walls, then pour a concrete floor. Large steel beams are needed to support the hall above. Acoustic insulation in the ceiling will mask sound from the hall. A new heating system, new plumbing and new electrical systems are needed, as are new windows and a hardwood floor. The room will contain an office for the music director, and storage for both music and choir gowns.

The Parish Hall

Built in 1889, the hall was doubled in size in 1910. Over its 125-year lifespan it has been home to the social life of the parish, a centre of outreach to the community, and a place for strangers to turn for help in times of local and international tragedy. Some of its busiest times were after the Halifax explosion and during WWI and WWII. Today it houses the Saturday Soup Kitchen, where 100+ people are fed each week, and Saint George’s YouthNet, which runs year-round programs for neighbourhood youth.